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[email protected] Host Overview

Who hosts:
Someone who is passionate about Jesus and young people and has the desire to see them come to know him and to find community!

What hosts do:
A host opens up a space (digitally or physically) and creates a welcoming environment for young people to connect with Jesus and each other. A [email protected] host connects weekly with students over YouthCulture content, activities, FaceTime, one-on-one meetups, and more. A host loves young people and creates a safe environment for students of all backgrounds

Where they host:
They host [email protected] in their home, at a cafe, or in any other convenient space—even digitally—that makes it possible for people to gather together.

When they host:
They host [email protected] on whatever day at whatever time works best for them! They host weekly, and each week doesn’t have to look the same!

Why they host:
They host because they’re passionate about helping students hear the story of Jesus and connect with community.

How you become a host:
1. Complete and submit the [email protected] Host Application and Background Check authorization form.
2. Chat with one of our Youth Pastors about [email protected] (After we receive your application, we’ll email you and set up a time to chat.)
3. Watch YouthCulture curated videos on who we are, what [email protected] is, and next steps for you as a [email protected] host!

Hosts of [email protected] locations must complete the application process and receive official YouthCulture approval. If approved as a host, you’ll be connected with additional hosting resources and have regular contact points with one of our Youth Pastors!

Next Steps