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Frequently Asked Questions

How will ChurchKids and YouthCulture fit into [email protected]?

Children and young people will always be a priority at Churchome. ChurchKids and YouthCulture play a major role within the [email protected] model. Every week parents can utilize new content on our streaming platforms as well as toolkits on our website.

What is happening to our buildings?

Once local and state guidelines allow for large gatherings, the Kirkland, WA campus will be gathering again on a weekly basis for Sunday church, as we did prior to the pandemic.

After much prayerful consideration, Churchome’s board of elders and executive team decided to sub-let our Bothell location, and sell our Downtown Seattle and U-District buildings.

Buildings have always been tools our church has utilized to facilitate community. They have been significant in serving our church community over the years in many ways. As we focus on bringing the story of Jesus to people, this was the most fiscally responsible decision for our community.

What is Churchome’s plan to meet and connect in person - both for services as well as small group events?

Churchome is following local and state guidelines around the country where we have Churchome communities and will continue to follow these guidelines regarding in-person meetings.

Currently, in Washington state, churches are limited to 25% or 200 people (whichever is lower) and it is not feasible for us to select only a small portion of our community to attend physical church. Once local and state guidelines allow for large gatherings, the Kirkland, WA campus will be gathering again on a weekly basis for Sunday church, as we did prior to the pandemic. We will gather in other locations around the greater Seattle area as well once we have a clearer idea of when large gatherings can be resumed. These gatherings will take place on a regular basis in venues within the regions our former buildings were located.

As we sell the buildings, what are we doing with the funds and finances that are coming in?

Churchome was spending millions to reach thousands. With [email protected] in mind, we are able to spend thousands to reach millions. In the last quarter (April - June 2020), we reached nearly 1 million people through our weekly services. We are investing in innovation to provide opportunities for people to experience Jesus where they are, instead of inviting them to our buildings. By investing in innovation, we are able to serve people on a global level. We have invested in all of our digital platforms that include our social media channels, our TV app, as well as investing in the next generation by creating engaging, animated content for our ChurchKids, and leadership development content to continue equipping the church for the work of the ministry.

What is our re-entry plan?

[email protected] is our primary plan. As mentioned above, we believe this is the model God has given Churchome, and is clearly reflected in our name. While many of our communities may be meeting digitally, all of our [email protected] hosts are following the guidelines put in place by their respective state and county governments when it comes to meeting in-person. We will continue to do so, and as phases progress, so will our in-person meetings, which include large gatherings.

What is the current status of the board?

The restructuring of the Churchome board is based on a spiritual principle and statistical evidence that diverse teams are strong teams. Over the course of the last year, we recognized the need for board members with global perspective and reach in order for us to build a global church. Our board was a beautiful family that functioned in unity and self-sacrifice repeatedly, guiding our church to where it stands today. The willing decision of four of our board members to step down to make room for diversity and global perspective was no exception. Their humility and response of faith is the truest example of moving from talking to action and will allow us to build the church God has called us to build.

We will have a fully functioning board in place this fall and will announce the full board to our church community once it is in place. Currently, our board consists of Judah & Chelsea Smith (Churchome Lead Pastors), Dr. Mark Strong (Life Change Church Lead Pastor), and David Kroll (Churchome CEO).

What is Churchome’s involvement in the black lives matter movement?

Churchome believes that all lives do not matter until black lives matter. Furthermore, we believe that black lives are of infinite value to God. This is not a political statement. This is a gospel issue. Churchome recognizes the existence of racism in our nation as a diametric sin and we will continue to fight for racial justice. For a list of the racial justice organizations we are currently supporting, more information can be found here.

What is the current staffing structure at Churchome?

The staffing at Churchome has shifted from a “campus structure” to a “[email protected] structure.” This model allows us to serve our communities more effectively with our focus on getting involved within communities, rather than drawing people to buildings.

What happened to Churchome College?

The Leadership Development Department is a new department at Churchome that has taken the place of the college. This new team will create new content for leadership training and development, provide live classes, and will allow the implementation of a strong and healthy leadership pipeline for our Churchome community.

How do I stay informed about what is happening at Churchome?

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