We’ve Renamed

Why are we Changing the Name?

As we look toward the future, we feel God clarifying our direction as a church.  After a two-year process of prayer and consideration, our Lead Pastors Judah and Chelsea, with counsel and guidance from our board of elders, have felt confirmation to change the name of our community from The City Church to Churchome.

The City Church was a significant name. Pastors Wendell and Gini Smith, our founding pastors were given the scripture by God, “A city on a hill can’t be hidden.” from Matthew 5:14. Their passion was to build a church that could not be ignored. It would be a place where all people and from all walks of life would come to hear the story of Jesus and be drawn to it.  This new season and name change is just a continuation of our ongoing mission in the next chapter of our community.  

The big idea behind our community, every woman, man, boy and girl – every age, every race – would find a home in God. A home where they belong. A community that functions as a family. We are a family and God has made us a family.  This name change is this moment for us where we believe that we are going to be a church that functions like a home, that looks like a home, that loves like a home.  And ultimately, what we experience on earth will look a lot like heaven.

Why Announce it Now?

We felt announcing the new name on our 25-year anniversary was the best way to honor the past while at the same time, face forward to our exciting future.

What Does Churchome Mean?

Luke 15 has become such a hallmark passage for our community.  The idea and concept of home is centric in scripture. It is the idea that every human is a sojourner and he/she is returning home. Home is not so much brick and mortar, an actual space or place or room.  Home is a place and a posture our soul discovers in Jesus - where the created returns to a loving relationship with the Creator.Bringing people home is what God does. Whether prodigals or prodigies, artists or intellectuals, rebels or rejects—God’s arms are open to all. God is making Churchome a community where everyone is welcome, not just to a physical building, but to an emotional place of refuge in Him. Home is God.

You Belong First

You are always loved and always welcome here. You don’t have to contribute to belong. This concept of belonging first, is rooted in scripture.  We are saved by grace.  No matter what you believe, or where you come from, this is a home for anyone and everyone.  

We Are A Small Church with a Lot of People

The point is not about having a big church.  The point is building a community of big-hearted people willing to love and help anybody.