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Hosting Digital Meetups

A Digital Meetup is an online space like Zoom or Google Hangout where you can connect with people from the Churchome community and explore content curated by Churchome. Hosting a Digital Meetup is easy, and we’d love your help building meaningful relationships!

Digital Meetup Host Overview

Who hosts:
A host is anyone who has a passion for meeting new people, building strong relationships, and sharing the love of Jesus!

What hosts do:
Hosts digitally create a welcoming space for people to connect and open up about their lives. Hosts facilitate conversations around Bible plans that are curated by Churchome or discussions about previous Churchome messages.

Where they host:
Anywhere! All meetups are currently digital, which allows you to host a meetup from your home or wherever you are most comfortable and have internet access. Use whatever platform you prefer for video calls (e.g., Zoom, Google Hang, etc.).

When they host:
You can host your digital meetup on whatever day at whatever time works best for you! We ask that you would host at least once per month, or even every week!

How you become a host:

1. Complete and submit the Digital Meetup Host Application.
2. Chat with a pastor (we’ll reach out to you after we receive your application) and ask any questions you may have. We’ll help you get set up.
3. Take advantage of helpful training we’ll share with you, such as attending Churchome’s Belong, Believe, and Become classes (available on the free Churchome app!).

All digital meetup hosts must complete the application process and receive official Churchome approval. If approved as a host, your meetup will be added to and you’ll be connected with additional hosting resources and have regular contact points with Churchome’s pastoral staff.

Next Steps