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If you’d like to apply for any of these positions, please send your resume to [email protected]

Real Estate Director | Kirkland

Do you have experience with real estate and facility management? Are you passionate about excellence in regards to building spaces where community can thrive? Then apply today for the Real Estate Director role on our Business team

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Director of Finance | Kirkland

Do you have a thorough understanding of nonprofit accounting, bookkeeping and financial management? Are you dedicated to stewarding organization finances well to see more and more people encounter Jesus? Then apply today for the Director of Finance role on our Business team!

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Birth-3's Classroom Lead | Kirkland

Do you love Birth-3's children and enjoy leading? Are you passionate about the next generation knowing and loving Jesus? Then apply today for the Birth-3's Classroom Lead position!

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Production Assistant | Kirkland

Do you have experience working with video and podcast content? Are you administratively and logistically gifted and passionate about getting things done well and on time? Then apply today for the Production Assistant role on our Content & Storytelling Team!

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Custodian | Kirkland

If you're passionate about creating a clean and distraction-free atmosphere for individuals to connect with each other and encounter Jesus, then apply today for a position on our Custodial Team!

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