Disaster Relief

Harvey | 13 Million

the number of people affected by hurricane Harvey, devastating the Houston area.

Irma | 6.8 Million

the number of people who lost power. Utility work crews must replace 3,000 poles & 950 miles of wire.

Mexico | 413

the number of people who died in Mexico’s recent earthquakes. Tens of thousands displaced.

Maria | 45

people lost their lives across the Caribbean. Most of Puerto Rico are still without power


We are continuing our partnership with World Vision who provides immediate disaster relief and supplies, and long-term recovery so people can rebuild their lives. 

To give, click here


We believe the most important thing we can do as a body of Christ is to pray. Here are areas to pray for:

1. The survivors of these natural disasters.

2. The strength for those on the emergency response teams.

3. The disasters and their effects to dissipate.