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Be a part of a growing church in one of the world’s greatest cities. Whether it’s involvement at a Churchome location or working in various departments of the church; you’ll be involved in the heartbeat of Churchome. Classes are accredited as extension courses through Portland Bible College.

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Everything you need to know about applying for and attending Churchome College. Click the link below to download.

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Acceptance into Churchome College will be determined by your application portfolio, references, and an interview. Three factors contribute in determining whether it is the right time for you to be a student at Churchome College:

Spiritual Authority: We want to know that the spiritual authorities in your life (parents, pastors, and leaders) all agree that this is the right training environment for you at this time.

Personal Life: Spiritual maturity and preparedness are key factors in determining entrance into this program. In order to be considered for acceptance you must have been committed to a local church for 6 months.

Finances: You must demonstrate financial stability in order to become a student. Students are not permitted to work full time jobs, but they may work part-time (around 20 hours per week) as long as it does not interfere with the Churchome College schedule.


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