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Hosting [email protected]

If you’re passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with people who haven’t heard it before and gathering with others to encounter God and experience community, then please prayerfully consider hosting [email protected]!

[email protected] Host Overview

Who hosts:
A host is anyone who’s caught the heart and goal of [email protected] and feels called to this mission!

What hosts do:
A host opens up a space; invites friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances to join them; creates a welcoming environment; plays the Churchome weekly message for everyone to watch together; loves people; and participates in continued training and interaction with official Churchome pastoral support.

Where they host:
They host [email protected] in their home, at a cafe, or in any other convenient space that makes it possible for people to gather together.

When they host:
They host [email protected] on whatever day at whatever time works best for them! They host at least once per month, or even every week!

Why they host:
They host because they’re passionate about helping people hear the story of Jesus and connect with community.

How you become a host:
1. Complete and submit the [email protected] Host Application and Background Check authorization form.
2. Have honest conversations during your interviews with Churchome pastors.
3. Take advantage of helpful training, such as attending Churchome’s Belong, Believe, and Become classes.

Hosts of [email protected] locations must complete the verified application process and receive official Churchome approval. If approved as a verified host, you’ll be connected with additional hosting resources and have regular contact points with Churchome’s pastoral staff.

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