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How [email protected] Works


Frequently Asked Questions

What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is church for everyone, everywhere. It’s gathering together wherever you live, with other people, in person, to watch Churchome weekly services, connect with God through music, and have conversations. This can be done in a home or another available space around you. [email protected] reimagines spaces for in-person connections so that we’re not limited by borders, buildings, or parking lots.

How is [email protected] different than meetups?

Meetups are a great format for meeting together with others in the Churchome community, and they are an easy on-ramp for making connections. Meetups can be focused around a topic of study or a fun activity. We’d encourage anyone with a heart for people to consider leading a meetup! Comparatively, [email protected] is more than gathering as a group—it’s gathering together to do church! [email protected] locations gather together for church, watching a Churchome message and spending time in worship and discussion.

How is [email protected] different than a home church?

[email protected] is guided by the leadership of Churchome. All content shared in a [email protected] service is prepared by Churchome and reflects Churchome’s beliefs and theology. [email protected] leaders go through a verified approval and training process overseen by Churchome pastors. [email protected] locations are part of the global Churchome community—meaning leaders and locations are accountable to Churchome leadership in oversight and implementation Comparatively, a home church would be under its own leadership, with its own content, and with a possible connection to any church base or it could potentially be freestanding with no formal church oversight.

Why are we doing [email protected]?

We are called to share the good news of Jesus with the world, and we want to help people have real, genuine relationships with God and others. The current location and multisite model limits our ability to go anywhere in the world and makes it easy for people to slip in and slip out without building relationships and growing in a community-based model. According to Acts 1:8, Jesus calls us to reach the world, “even the remotest places on earth.” We want to leverage technology to help us do that. [email protected] makes church available for anyone, anywhere, and emphasizes the importance and power of face-to-face connection.

Is there ChurchKids for [email protected]?

Yes! We have put considerable time and resources toward producing ChurchKids content that will engage our children and provide families a way to attend church together, as a family! ChurchKids content is streamed twice on Sundays on all of our platforms, and it is available as on-demand content on Churchome’s mobile app, TV app, and Facebook page.

Is there YouthCulture for [email protected]?

Our YouthCulture (YC) content is available on our TV app and Churchome mobile app. There is new content available weekly. Our YouthCulture team is hard at work, engaging with young people where they are. The YC Instagram page is active with interactive “live” sessions, content, and opportunities to connect.

What technology do I need to host [email protected]?

To best share the Churchome content, you’ll need either a laptop or access to our TV App while we are still meeting digitally. Once we are able to gather in homes in person, the same devices are all you will need! If you don’t have access to this technology, but would otherwise be interested in hosting [email protected], please let us know by completing our interest form.

How do I tithe at [email protected]?

Most of the Churchome community gives online, and the same is available for [email protected] From any location in the world, people can give on the Churchome app, Churchome website, or via mail.

How do we provide [email protected] updates?

We have a team dedicated to helping resource and support [email protected] locations. We’re trying different ideas to find the best way to provide connections, but we currently communicate via emails, organized events, and a shared Facebook group.